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Mediumship is the practice of communication between loved ones in Spirit and persons still in the physical world.  Evidential mediumship is the practice of bringing forth information that is true and accurate about your loved one(s) in Spirit and includes such things as details about appearance, personality traits and often the cause of his/her/their passing that serve as strong evidence that it is truly your loved one who is coming through in the reading.  The purpose of evidential mediumship is to help you overcome any skepticism you might have about spirit communication. 

As an evidential spiritual medium, I can connect with your loved ones in Spirit to provide you with beautiful, affirming, meaningful messages.

Communication with Spirit is like speaking a foreign language.  Spirit has no voice-box so information is delivered through seeing (clairvoyance), hearing (clairaudience), knowing (claircognizance) or feeling (clairsentience) and sometimes through smelling (clairalience) and tasting (clairgustance). 

Spirit may also use symbols to communicate information and it is my job to relay the information to you in a way that makes sense to you.  At times, it may be challenging to interpret the symbols correctly.  For example, Spirit may make reference to her throat which could have something to do with a medical issue or could be related to losing her voice or it could even reference a necklace which may have been worn.

Mediumship provides assurance of the continuity of life and the comfort knowing that your loved ones who have passed are free from pain, still with you, and wish to communicate with you.  Whether you want an individual reading or would like to be part of a group reading, evidential mediumship readings are a very comforting and healing experience.

Please remember that, when contacting me about a mediumship reading, leave out any details about your loved ones in Spirit or about yourself.  I will allow Spirit to tell me about themselves during your reading.  I am looking forward to assisting you to connect with your loved ones in Spirit soon.